Small Pet Visiting Services in the South-west Herts Area

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Cat Visiting Services

'Karen's Cat Care' offers a tailored home visiting service for your cat(s). Areas covered include Chorleywood, Loudwater, Rickmansworth, Sarratt, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Chesham Bois, and Croxley Green.


Cat visits can be once or twice a day depending on your requirements. This will include feeding, water changing, bowl cleaning, tray emptying and floor sweeping, grooming, plus lots of cuddle and play time.


Visits within 2 miles of WD3 5EY

    - 1 visit per day - £12

    - 2 visits per day - £24


Visits within 2-6 miles of WD3 5EY (one visit daily only)

    - 1 visit per day - £15


Most 'chores' are completed within a few minutes, leaving the remainder of my time at your house specifically for socialising and play time with your cat(s).


Lunchtime kitten visits can be accommodated for those that cannot go a whole day without some food. Prices from £15 per visit.


All visits will be made at the same time each day +/- 1hr to ensure there is a routine whilst you're away. Please note during peak holiday season only so many slots are available as I want to ensure I can give your cat some 'human time'. Contact us as soon as you organise your trip to avoid disappointment!


Small Pet Visiting Services

Karen's Cat Care offers a home visiting service for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats & fish based in Chorleywood.


Small pets visits are usually once a day. Each visit will include, as required, feeding, water changing, bowl cleaning, grooming, and bottom checking for fly strike.


Chickens, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

    - 1  visit per day - £8

    - 1  visit per day (with cats) - £2

    - Hutch cleans - £5


Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats & Fish

    - 1  'drop-in' visit per day - £6

    - 1  'drop-in' visit per day (with cats) - £0

    - Cage cleans - £5


There is a special rate if caring for any small animals whilst visiting your cat(s). Any households with more than 2 hutches/ cages may incur an additional fee depending on the circumstances. 'Drop-in' visits are a quick 5mins visit for feeding and a quick 'hand-pick' clean. For visits lasting more than 5 days a hutch/cage clean fee will apply in addition to the visiting charge.


Small pet visiting fees refer to pets within Chorleywood only. Small pets outside of Chorleywood incur a £1 increase per mile.

Karen's Cat Care offers a free consulation at your house where Karen can meet the cats and any other little pets, take down all necessary details and agree a care program for each of them individually. The range of services available are listed below, which we can go through in detail during the consultation.

Pet Care Log


'Karen's Cat Care' understands the need to know how your cats and small pets are whilst you're away. That's why a daily pet care log is included as standard.  Not only are visits recorded, but also how much food has been eaten and which cats made an appearance to name a few. Texts and/or emails are sent regularly, or to your specification, to reassure you of their welfare. An occasional photo will be included so you can see how they are getting on.


Food, Bedding & Litter


All tinned, packet, fresh and dry food, hay and bedding should be provided in clearly labelled bags or containers to last the duration of your absence. Please ensure that there is adequate spare cat litter for use during the length of the cat visiting service, along with a poop scoop and dust pan & brush. For grooming, a brush will be required. Please have available a cloth, tea towel and paper/kitchen towel for clearing up any furballs or little accidents. Any bits of kitchen roll/used food packets will be removed so that smells don't build up whilst you're away. Any additional items that need to be purchased for your pet whilst under our pet care will be charged at retail cost and will be added to your final balance.


Emergency Vet Care


Should a problem arise whilst you're away every attempt will be made to contact you on the numbers/email provided. If you are unreachable then we reserve the right to seek veterinary care without your consent either with your local vet who's info you provide us with, or our local Chess Vets in Chorleywood.  Any fees will be charged to you and must be paid immediately on your return. Emergency vet visits will be charged at £20 per hour (additional to vet bills). Please ensure a cat/pet carrier is available for use.


Key Collection, Return & Holding


Key collection and key return has a fee of £5. Alternatively, feel free to drop/collect them when passing through Chorleywood. Keys can be held for regular clients in the event you require our services frequently or in short notice.


Payment Information


On engaging 'Karen's Cat Care' to look after your pets, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the dates. The outstanding balance must be paid at least 5 days before the care service is due to start. Payments can be made by electronic bank transfer or cash. If you decide to cancel more than three weeks before the care service is due to commence the deposit will be refunded. Cancellation within the three week period prior to the commencement date deposits will not be refunded. Cancellation within five days prior to the commencement date the full amount will not be refunded. Please note all peak holidays as specified on the CALENDAR page will be charged at standard rates plus 25% or 50%. Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Years Day are charged at double rate and all four days of the Easter weekend at double rate. All deposits during peak holidays are non-refundable under any circumstances. Please note there will be an additional charge for any visits before 8am and after 8pm.


On Your Return...


On your return, please contact 'Karen's Cat Care' via text, phone or email to let me know that you are back home.  As delays or unexpected events can sometimes happen, if I do not hear from you on the day of your return, I will visit the next day to ensure that your pets are fed and will continue to do so until I am sure your pet's normal care has resumed. Therefore, please do contact me as soon as you know of any changes to your plans. Follow up visits will be charged at the standard daily rates above.  Keys will be returned to you within three days of your return.