Having two cats and two rabbits ourselves we know and understand the difficulty of arranging pet care for a planned holiday or an unexpected night away. We had a poor experience with a local pet sitter, who focussed more on dog walking rather than cat and small animal care (though advertised both!). We quickly realised how important it was for families in the same situation as us to find someone who focused on these smaller animals rather than the big ones! With our love for cats & small animals, and the commitment to ensure they receive the best care possible whilst their owners are away, we decided to set up 'Karen's Cat Care'.

'Karen's Cat Care' is solely run by myself, Karen Labbett, with help from my husband on the odd occasion I am unexpectedly not available. We have both had cats and other small animals in our lives since we were young. You can be assured of a personal, reliable service. Testimonials, small business insurance and DBS/CRB checks are provided for your peace of mind.


Karen previously worked in London as an IT Manager for Citigroup, taking a career break to start a family in 2003. With school age children and a passion for baking, Karen started up Tasty Little Cakes, a special occasion cake company, which could be managed around the children's needs. After some encouragement from a close family friend, Karen started Karen's Cat Care in 2014 and ran both companies together. Karen had to close her cake company in 2016 so she could fully concentrate on providing local cat care and advice on looking after new (and existing) cats. The success of the business comes from a love for cats and the provision of a high quality, bespoke, customer-focused service.


April had sadly been in a car accident and after an operation performed by the RSPCA she was alive, but minus one hind leg. Unable to track down her original owners she was soon well enough to be rehomed. Welcome, our little tripod! The first few weeks with us, she didn't realise something was missing and still tried to climb trees and chase birds as before, with little success! However, over the months her strength in her remaining three limbs increased and now she runs like the wind!


Jessie was a very nervous cat having been rescued by the RSPCA from a 70+ multi-cat household. It took a patient four months for her true, loving personality to come out. With lots of love, careful handling and patience on our part, she has grown to be the most loving, trusting and playful cat - a stark contrast to when we first brought her home. Her favourite thing is to hop onto the back of the sofa and rub her head against mine, trying to persuade me to get up and give her her bedtime snack!


Sandy and Cinnamon are mini lops, both sisters which we bought as young bunnies from a reputable breeder in Finchley. This was a big decision for us having only had rescue pets in the past, but we wanted this breed of rabbit which has a good temperament with young children and liked to be cuddled. Sadly we lost Sandy in 2016, aged 6.5. She was a very clever girl and enjoyed going for walks around the garden on a lead. Cinnamon joined her sister in the sky in 2019 at almost 10 years old. She didn't mind her solitude after her sister left her and still enjoyed lots of cuddles and walks in the garden right up to the end of her life. We miss them both.


Tessa (RIP) came into our lives at the same time as April from the RSPCA. She was completely the opposite in temperament to April having been found abandoned in an empty house with a litter of kittens at only 10 months old. She was semi-feral and brought 'presents' home almost every day over the first summer she was with us. Her record being 6 in one day! Her first winter in a warm, loving house not only mellowed her, but she learnt how to play having never had love from someone before. She became the queen of lap cats!

Sadly, we lost Tessa in Nov 2013, which was a sudden and devastating experience for us all. After coming to terms with our loss, we found ourselves looking for a new rescue cat and a kitten of 6 months called Cassie was soon to be ours.


We found Cassie at the RSPCA after Tessa sadly died. At 6 months old, she was a nervous little thing, but quickly relaxed once she trusted us and her environment. She also became great friends with April which was such a relief. As you can see we have a soft spot for Tortoiseshells! A year later we sadly lost Cassie (RIP) to the road (even though it was a quiet country lane). However, this loss brought Jessie into our lives, who has been with us for three years now.